Losing weight while you're pregnant is generally not advised by medical ... Opt for low-fat, fat-free, unsweetened, and no-added sugar options when available. ... Avoid activities where you can get struck in the abdomen, like kickboxing or ...

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The Truth About Belly Fat

From the WebMD Archives

Surprise: Everyone has some belly fat, even people who have flat abs.


Some of your fat is right under your skin. Other fat is deeper inside, around your heart, lungs, liver, and other organs.

It''t just sit there. It''s a much simpler, low-cost way to check.

Get a measuring tape, wrap it around your waist at your belly button, and check your girth. Do it while you''s sake, you want your waist size to be less than 35 inches if you''re a man.

Having a "" -- bigger hips and thighs -- is considered safer than an "" which describes a wider waistline.

“What we’re really pointing to with the apple versus pear,” Hairston says, ""


Thin People Have It, Too

Even if you''t exercise were more likely to have too much visceral fat.

The key is to be active, no matter what size you are.

4 Steps for Beating Belly Fat

There are four keys to controlling belly fat: exercise, diet, sleep, and stress management.

1. Exercise: Vigorous exercise trims all your fat, including visceral fat.

Get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least 5 days a week. Walking counts, as long as it''d need to do that for 20 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

Jog, if you''re not ready for jogging. Vigorous workouts on stationary bikes and elliptical or rowing machines are also effective, says Duke researcher Cris Slentz, PhD.

Moderate activity -- raising your heart rate for 30 minutes at least three times per week -- also helps. It slows down how much visceral fat you gain. But to torch visceral fat, your workouts may need to be stepped up.

“Rake leaves, walk, garden, go to Zumba, play soccer with your kids. It doesn’t have to be in the gym,” Hairston says.

If you are not active now, it''re Gaining Weight

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