After visiting San Miguel Church on Outdated Santa Fe Path within the historic district of Santa Fe, New Mexico, I decided to comply with the sign by the church and stroll down the road to take a look at what the signal claimed to be the Oldest Home in the USA.

I have all the time worked for myself and half-time, and my husband joined me in this work/way of life, so we’ve both felt semi retired for decades. The line between working/ retirement is changing into fuzzier in our tradition, I feel, with many people starting to decide out of a full-time job earlier and going into consulting, writing and different unbiased free-lance efforts to maintain some revenue coming in. Thanks for a superb read. PS We purchased a home in Mexico 7 years ago, so we’re among the of us who have each a northern and a southern life!

I don’t have to concentrate- because my husband lives and breathes every second of each endless disaster at full volume and provides me his take on it, in frequent, however prolonged bursts of 1-sided conversation. His is a monologue, not open to debate or comment, or even seeking settlement. He simply wants to be heard, like everyone else.

The true reality is that America took the land, resources, and gold of the queen as well as the rights and privledges of the people together with violating 5 treaty accords. The lands had been Royal Patent lands and in 1855 King Kamehameha in his probated will declared the land to be in perpetuity in order that it couldn’t be bought, taxed, liened, or mortgaged. Nonetheless, Hawai’i misplaced its country January seventeenth 1893 and the U.S. occupied it completely from August twelfth 1898 to present day. There was no treaty of cession or purchase or even an acquisition by warfare. There was no notary, no conveyance, no warrant, deed or title and but America possesses it or claims they do.

OK, I get it, whoever is posting these, unh, unn, and umm is slicing and pasting these straight out of promoting hype or out of somebody’s guessing game and obviously has never lived in a single. I suggest doing your individual hub, since you have posted hub-length feedback. I’m sorry to say that some of these recommendations are so impractical that they’re ridiculous.