Smoking – Understanding the Different types of Cannabis

Smoking is a practice that dates back to many centuries ago. Smoking is a worldwide practice that is undertaken in all countries of the world. Its consumption therefore ends up being a foreign exchange earner for many countries. Tobacco cigarettes are arguably the most common products that are used by smokers in the world. This extensive use of tobacco stems from the fact that tobacco is common in different parts of the world. However, cannabis has also been consumed in many parts of the world.

Cannabis is an old crop that traces its growth way back to the eighteenth century. Farmers grow cannabis using the same methods used to grown other types of crops. There are two different plant species of cannabis that are not easy to differentiate. The two species are cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. One would then wonder, can the differences between the two be identified?

Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica are different in several ways. The first thing that creates a clear distinction between the two is their physical appearance. While sativa plants are known to grow tall at maturity, indica plants are generally short. The leaves of cannabis sativa are also known to be narrower than those of cannabis indica. Lastly, cannabis sativa has few scattered branches while indica has many densely spaced branches.
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The mode of cultivation and growth also forms an aspect that can distinguish cannabis sativa from cannabis indica. The first distinction in growth is that sativa thrives when grown outdoors while indica produces better yields when grown indoors. The reason for this distinction is that radiation needs are different between the two species. Cannabis indica is also grown indoors since it is prone to pest attacks when grown outdoors. The time taken to maturity for cannabis sativa is usually shorter than for cannabis indica. This is why most farmers opt to grown sativa and not indica.
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Generally, cannabis takes about four months from planting to harvesting. The part of the plant that is required for consumption is the flower. Flowering time needed for both types of cannabis is generally two months. After flowering, the flowers take another month to be fully ready for harvesting. Drying of the flowers ideally takes one week after which the flowers are crushed and packaged. The yield size is usually dependent on the care given to the crop during the growing period.

Cannabis is known to have different effects on the user. Calmness and relaxation are some of the feelings cited by smokers of cannabis as the main effects. Boosting of energy and spirit is also another effect that smokers of cannabis have cited. Cannabis has also been used in special situations for medicinal value. However, its use in this manner must be as directed by a medical practitioner.