Whereas I have seen other lighthouses…even a lot prettier ones on various vacation trips, the Port Isabel Lighthouse has to be put at the prime of the list as to being a favorite because of the proximity to South Padre Island and the fun my family and buddies had there, particularly in my teen-aged years.

It is unlucky that you’ve had bad experiences. Those of us within the industry who really DO have the very best interests of our shoppers in mind need to combat this battle on daily basis. You will see that certain companies appeal to different types of people. Jericho, thanks so much for the additional insights! I checked these facts with my Dutch husband and he agreed with most of them! I’ll add them to the article, thanks again!

We are having an issue with independent contractor MD and therapist wanting an inventory of their patients and their addresses to send notifications to these those that they are leaving our practice and altering addresses. Can we give them this record? What should I do. Nice put up Connie! It is good to see a true skilled! It is realtors like you that give credibility to our generally questioned occupation. Thanks once more and completely happy selling!

Cloverleaffarm, you talked about divorce. My Mother divorced my Father when I was sixteen, and he left with the credit rating she had labored to construct for the both of them. He shortly ruined that score while Mom labored her manner up from nothing like she was simply graduating once more. The school is simply OKAY really. I’ve some good recollections of the place. I’d suggest it for basic first two yr lessons and the cheap cost of dwelling there. How a lot salary do you have to dwell comfortably in Houston? Not much is the quick answer: around $50k, vs. effectively into six figures for cities like SF, San Jose, NYC, LA, San Diego, and Seattle.

Thanks on your perspectives and feedback, everyone. I read each and considered one of them. Your feedback are enlightening and are helping all of us achieve a better perspective of what it is to reside in the Netherlands as an American expat. Thanks very much, Will1015. I guess the credit monitoring service may very well be costly and hard to cancel from bank card charges.