Buying a house requires careful consideration. One vote, might you feel uncomfortable living in it, or even suffered a material loss. If you need more cash, you can get a loans tips through
In recent years, the house becomes a commodity that often grabs people, especially those living in Jakarta and surrounding areas. If no new housing or a former mansion sold at affordable prices, would immediately invade lot. One of the things we have to consider when buying a home is the completeness of his letters
In terms of choosing a home, there are many things that must be considered. However, in general, to be considered is the location, environment, quality of the home, and the aspects of legality.
Location of the house should be located and have good accessibility. In addition, there are three things to consider when choosing a location. First, proximity to the right to work. Secondly, proximity to quality education facilities. And third, proximity to health facilities.
Some things to consider in choosing a home with a good environment:
1. Each segment of the course planted with shade trees.
2. Each house is equipped with garbage and trash temporary shelters provided for each block of houses.
3. Housing is good to have an integrated drainage system. There are channels of primary, secondary, and tertiary. When gutters made carelessly, other than domestic waste water will stagnate and eventually become mosquito breeding, in the rainy season the water will easily overflow into the street. As a result of the road into a fast break.
4. Good security system. Housing with cluster systems, security management easier than linear system.
Building Quality
Building quality depends on the specifications of the building and how one priority. Do not be easily tempted by the sweet mouth marketing staff or agents. You also do not easily believe in the specifications listed in the brochure, because the brochure at any time can be changed unilaterally by the developer. Therefore, it is better you choose a home that is ready for habitation in order not to be disappointed later on.
Do not believe it to developers. This thinking needs to be kept in mind, so you do not have problems in the future. Because, now many developers are problematic. The house has been paid off, but the certificate does not go left. Therefore, since the beginning of all the permits developers should be asked, so that we can be sure the house purchased will not be problematic. Moreover, in order to be safe, do not hesitate to request a copy of the permit papers.
Permits to note are:
1. Permit Area, to know the area given by government to the developers, and make sure the location marketed it really is not controlled by others.
2. Plan footprint has been validated by the local government. If siteplan yet approved the local government, then most likely the site plans will change.
3. Certificate. Developers should be able to show copies of master certificates to consumers.
4. Building Permit. If the developer can not show the building permit or certificate obtained building permit is being processed from the Department of City Development Control, then you should postpone the intention of buying a home.