I lived in Orange County, a suburb of Los Angeles, for years when the smog was actually terrible. However I also spent a whole lot of spare time along the coast of the LA space. The smog has been cleared up some, making the inland areas better, but it is at all times higher to be at the seashore if you will reside in La La land.

Gifted…..I hear you and agree along with your resolution wholeheartedly…..My one disappointment is that I have 2 sons and their households right here, where we are originally from….one in Calif and one in Georgia. Soooo, I go to as typically as doable and thank heaven for Scype, e-mail, texting, and so on!! However, I could not depart here to stay elsewhere at this point in my life. Good luck in your retirement and your move. You will be so joyful to be closer to family!

Carol, I’m pretty certain this is something all writers perceive. Considering the number of blogs and articles and on-line websites that are flooding the airwaves today, it’s superb that any of us get any views at all. And then there are Google updates and changes, and seasonal changes, and after awhile all of us start to feel a little silly for having tried this writing/art/crafts gig.

I do not personally understand how you’d get such answers but I might thank that somebody on the chemtrailtrackingusa forum would and what’s more the members would welcome such an thought – there is often the decision there for ways of doing one thing that produces scientific knowledge that may be given to the authorities and the debunkers so they can be requested to explain it! In different words we need to be able to discuss their language back at them. Please consider joining and posting there if just for the one thread. The link is at the bottom of my article.

Until Howard hatched. Holy COW! Named after Howard Cosell, this tiny ball of fluff cracked open his shell in the incubator, and began griping immediately, at the top of his lungs! At three in the morning, I placed on a coat, tucked the still-cranky Howard in my pocket, and headed exterior to the rooster coop. My hen Dotty continues to be broody after three weeks of sitting, so I stuffed poor Howard below her….and they both settled down instantly. That is all he wanted-a nice huge heat Mommy to sit down on him!