Before buying a home, prospective buyers will normally conduct a survey about the desirable unit. The location is usually a major consideration.

You can change the architecture of the building, but you will not be able to change the location.

We advise buyers to check the details about neighborhood conditions.

The environment around the “fit with your lifestyle” is the factor that is as important as a strategic location. Therefore, before you make sure these residential suit your preference, try to check the following points. For loans tips, you can see in

  1. Location and lifestyle

As already explained in the introductory section, the location will determine your daily lifestyle later. You certainly want to have a shelter that is close to shops and cafes, parks, access to transportation. However, this strategic location not to sacrifice near noisy areas such as gas stations, industrial buildings, railroads, or major highways.

  1. Eligibility for habitation

We recommend that you immediately test how long it takes to walk from the housing to the number of public facilities such as train stations or shopping. You can provide additional value by 20 percent to a shelter if the distance is so close to the shopping center. And, if it takes more than 15 or 20-minute walk to the nearest train station, this could reduce the value of the property.

Ask the locals about the building project or the distribution area around the housing. If there is a project plan 45 unit town house development in front of your home, you may want to know before buying course.

  1. Light Aspects

For some people, the aspect of light that comes into the room are important factors before buying a home. Therefore they sometimes regard to the direction of the wind where the house is facing.

Some people think the house facing east is better, because the occupant will get enough sunlight in the morning. “Another aspect that is equally important is the view. A house that is furnished by the sight of flowing water such as a river or the park will certainly add to the value of the dwelling. “

  1. Noise

Based on the consumer survey the property suggest that you survey the house at several different times. Do also check conditions at night, so you can estimate the noise level or maybe the different lighting in one day.

  1. functional floor plan

Most people like a living room with an open model (open plan), as well as plan the right space for entertainment area. “Sometimes it is not easy to change the plan space, and therefore do not get stuck in the mapping space that is not preferred. For example, one client we no trouble selling his home in accordance with the asking price.

The house has three bedrooms, one bathroom and one living room are very spacious. We advised him to add one bedroom and bathroom again in the spacious room. Fortunately the cost of renovation is not how big and the house sold at a high price in the next week. “

  1. Mistakes and illegal construction

Before you get caught in deception developers, consumers should be more cautious when trying to buy a new home. To understand the damage or errors in building the house installation, consumers can ask for help from an experienced professional. They also have to check the validity status of the land to build a house. Do not let developers build housing in the area illegally.

  1. Be as investor

Smart buyers should be able to adopt a trick from investors when trying to buy a home. Again, if you do not understand the important aspects of a potential home, try to get someone to check the condition of the home objectively. They will give advice with a cool head about what should and should not do.