Dubai is a very big market when it comes to real estate. Real estate Dubai sector contributed more than any other sector in the growth of United Arab Emirates. Prices of properties touches skies, As thousands of people are permanently moving to this city for the search of a better future. Property management companies, who deals with buying and selling home/apartments reported huge profits turnover on investments in the recent years.

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But one should be very careful to buy any property here, especially if he doesn’t know the market in and outs. But still so many expatriates are cautious to buy a home because of various reasons:

  • High Down Payment Rates
  • Uncertainty About Job Security
  • Possession Delays
  • Length of Residence
  • Less Knowledge About the Process

Leasing a loft doesn’t accompany any of these admonitions and is increasingly secure, with simpler contracts to satisfy or end in a year or … Read More