Technically Hawaii just isn’t legally a state, a commonwealth or even a territory of the USA. Historical past books won’t let you know that the U.S. stole royal ceded lands referred to as crown lands of Hawaii with no treaty or any monetary consideration, which is required for a deed of purchase.

But the poverty of the ghetto, slum, Indian reservation, the native reserves and the poor Peoples Public Housing Projects is immeasurably worse, qualitatively and quantitatively-than the poverty of the self-ample, self-regulating communities of the past. Sounds interesting; Thanks for sharing! Sounds so acquainted as a result of we too puzzled what it would be like to move to the nation. We purchased a small farm, and for the first six months, until the newness wore off, it was really great; But we missed city life so much, that we just needed to move back. Enter your email address … Read More